VIDEO: Kamala Heckled by Crazed Lefty

( – As though her trademark word salads and policy gaffes haven’t been embarrassing enough, Kamala Harris was caught on video in a brand-new awkward moment as a deranged lefty heckler silenced her even as she attempted to snap back at him a couple of times.

You can watch the video of what took place at the bottom of this post.

The latest public embarrassment for Joe Biden’s veep was filmed and posted on X, the former Twitter, and shared by The Daily Caller.

On Tuesday, Harris was scheduled to give a speech in Seattle on the Biden administration’s climate and clean energy policies.

The raw footage shows Harris getting interrupted by a very loud climate activist, a white male with a ponytail, seemingly in his 30s, who yelled at her for almost a minute that the world was in a climate emergency and she and the president hadn’t kept their promise to stop the development of fossil fuels.

While the heckler was so vocal that he almost completely obscured the veep’s speech, he was silenced after security officers used force to remove him from the room.

During his angry tirade, Harris snapped at him twice, declaring, “I’m speaking!” – but to no avail, as the lefty heckler kept up his rant.

“Excuse me, Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris, we are in a climate emergency, and in the middle, in the midst of a climate emergency, 80 people are dying in Hawaii, 80 people have died, thousands are displaced by climate chaos. And when we are there, we are wondering…,” the heckler shouted.

“I’m speaking!” the vice president snapped

“Yes, I hear you,” the leftist activist replied.

“I’m speaking,” Harris attempted again.

“But the planet is burning, and people are dying,” the heckler reacted, followed by applause from the audience.

“And we are wondering if you will uphold your promise. And we are in the middle of a climate emergency,” he added while already being forcibly pushed away by security guards.

“You’re expanding fossil fuels faster than Trump! Expanding fossil fuels faster than Trump is! You and Joe are failing on climate. You are burning the planet with expanding fossil fuels faster than Trump,” the struggling heckler yelled in an increasingly high-pitched voice.

“Will you please committee, please commit to ending fossil fuels on federal lands? It was your campaign promise!” he managed to shout just before the officers removed him from the room.

Here is the video of Kamala being heckled: