Biden Education Secretary Refuses To Answer What?! (Video)

( – In a new episode of the Biden administration making a mockery of itself, one of President Joe Biden’s top officials has refused to give a clear answer to the question whether women and men are physically different weeks after another Cabinet member agreed with the proposition.

See the video of the Biden official’s remarks below!

During a hearing on Wednesday, the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, persistently evaded inquiries about whether there are physical differences between men and women.

This topic came to the forefront due to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ (NAIA) recent declaration that solely biological females are eligible to participate in women’s sports across the more than 240 universities it oversees.

This decision was brought up at the House Appropriations Committee budget hearing, where lawmakers questioned Cardona, The Daily Caller reports.

However, he declined to discuss the NAIA’s stance, citing that his department is in the midst of a rule-making process concerning Title IX.

Nonetheless, Rep. Andy Harris from Maryland, a member of the Republican Party, challenged him on the matter.

Earlier in the exchange, Harris quoted Health Secretary Xavier Becerra from a hearing three weeks prior, in which the latter acknowledged differences in males and females’ feet.

“Would you agree that Title IX was necessary to help establish women’s sports, because women can’t fairly be expected to compete on biological male teams?” Harris asked.

Initially, Cardona attempted to shift the conversation to a different subject, but Harris interjected, demanding no diversions.

“Please. No filibustering,” Harris said.

Upon Harris reiterating his question, Cardona conceded that Title IX was indeed crucial for the aforementioned purpose.

The context for this dialogue includes lawsuits filed by female athletes against the National Collegiate Athletics Association for its policy that permits athletes who are biologically male to compete in women’s categories.

“Would you agree that women are physically different from men?” Harris asked again.

“I see where you’re going with this… I would love to talk about how we can work together to support the students,” Cardona said.

“Mr. Secretary, do you agree that biological women are different from biological men physically? This is a simple question for an educator. You’re not going to answer. Okay,” Harris concluded.

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