VIDEO: World’s Most Arrogant District Attorney 

( – A district attorney from upstate New York engaged in a heated confrontation with police officers, demanding preferential treatment after she sped away from a traffic stop – and the exchange was caught on a bodycam video, according to a report.

See the bodycam video footage of the DA below!

Body camera footage released by the WHAM news outlet shows Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley evading a traffic stop after being caught speeding at 55 mph in a zone designated for 35 mph.

Instead of pulling over, Doorley drove directly to her residence, phoning the police chief during her drive to voice her complaints.

Upon arrival at her home, she was confronted by police officers in her driveway where she attempted to leverage her position to avoid penalties for her actions.

“I didn’t want to pull over on Phillips Road. I just figured I’d pull up to my driveway,” Doorley explained to one of the officers, who informed her that she did not have the autonomy to make that decision during a lawful traffic stop.

“I made it my choice,” Doorley countered, cited by The Daily Caller.

Doorley then requested that the officer simply issue her a speeding ticket.

However, the officer pointed out that her failure to stop constituted an “arrestable offense,” as shown in the bodycam video. In another segment, Doorley asserts her legal expertise over the officer, aggressively telling him, “get out of my f****** house.”

“You know what I’ve been dealing with all day? Three murders in the city. Do you think I really care if I was going 20 miles over the speed limit?” Doorley disclosed to another officer, downplaying her traffic violation by comparing it to her day’s casework.

The DA also remarked that she did not initially believe she was being legitimately stopped, attributing her skepticism to her vehicle’s nondescript appearance—a black SUV with plates identifying her as the vehicle’s owner.

Despite this, she refused to exit her garage at the request of the officers and even ignored direct commands not to enter her house while the officers deliberated on her situation.

The day before the release of the bodycam footage, Doorley issued a public statement acknowledging her guilt and detailing that she had pleaded guilty to the speeding charge in a municipal court.

“Nobody, including your District Attorney, is above the rule of law, even traffic laws. Anybody who knows me understands without a doubt that I have dedicated my entire 33 year career to the safety of this community. My work to ensure the safety and respect of law enforcement is well proven time and time again. I stand by my work and stand by my commitment to the public safety of Monroe County,” she affirmed in her statement.

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