Biden Gets Bad News

( – Bidenomics, the economic plan of Joe Biden, is an unmitigated failure according to the vast majority of American voters.

The latest poll by The Wall Street Journal discovered that 59% of Americans disapprove of how Biden has handled the economy, while only 37% approve of his economic policies either “strongly” or “somewhat.”

Even more Americans have a “sour opinion” of how the president has tackled “inflation and rising costs” – 63% say they disapprove “strongly’ or “somewhat” of his work in that field, The Hill reports.

The WSJ poll results come after, at the end of last week, Biden said at the White House that the nation “is now in one of the strongest job-creating periods in our history.”

The survey found more evidence that Americans don’t view Bidenomics as working, with The Journal describing the poll results as “a stark warning to the 80-year-old incumbent ahead of the 2024 contest.”

Thus, 63% of the respondents declared the strength of the US economy was “poor” or “not so good,” while only 32% described it as “good” and 5% as “excellent.”

The WSJ poll also asked Americans whether the economy had improved over the past two years, with 58% stating it had become worse, 12% deeming it the same as a couple of years ago, and 28% saying it had improved.

About inflation, 74% of those polled said it had moved in the wrong direction, while only 20% assessed it as moving in the right direction.

Likewise, 54%, a majority, informed that their personal financial situation had deteriorated over the past year, while 38% declared that it had moved in the right direction.

The president has argued that Bidenomics was boosting the economy “from the bottom up and the middle out,” Breitbart News points out in a report on the WSJ poll.

Yet, 58% of the respondents stated they disapproved of how Biden had handled the need to grow the middle class, with 47% saying they disapproved “strongly.” Only 36% declared they approved of the president’s policies on the issue.

At the same time, he is also performing poorly on Medicare and Social Security, with 47% saying they disapproved of how he tackled their issues and 39% approving.

The WSJ poll was conducted from August 24-30 among 1,500 voters. The economic sample had 750 respondents and an error margin of 3.6 percentage points.