‘Climate Justice’ Protestors Arrested

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The recent arrest of two students at Dartmouth College shows once again how far the left is going when what it calls “student activism” crosses the line into alleged criminality that also violates administrative policies.

The students, Roan Wade and Kevin Engel, who are affiliated with Sunrise Dartmouth, were advocating for what they call “anticapitalist” policies and had been more than vocal in their condemnation of Israel as an “apartheid state.”

Their involvement in a sit-in led to their arrest on charges of trespassing, highlighting the potential for conflict when student activism violates institutional rules and local laws.

Wade and Engel’s assertion that there has been an “unprecedented crackdown on student activism” at Dartmouth, particularly in relation to issues such as the Israel-Hamas war and climate activism, points to a broader narrative often embraced by conservative voices.

This narrative suggests that institutions of higher learning, typically perceived as liberal bastions, are increasingly intolerant of dissenting views, especially those that challenge prevailing leftist ideologies.

The fact that these students were protesting against what they perceived as injustices yet faced legal repercussions can be seen as an example of this claimed crackdown.

Dartmouth President Sian Beilock’s statement about the change in the nature of the protest from peaceful to potentially threatening adds another layer to the story.

It underscores the delicate balance that institutions must maintain between allowing freedom of expression and ensuring campus safety and order. The administration’s response, including the academic probation of the students, can be interpreted as a stand against actions that disrupt normal operations, a stance that aligns with a more conservative view on the importance of maintaining order and respecting institutional rules.

The involvement of Sunrise Dartmouth in this case is also noteworthy. The group’s advocacy for policies like the Green New Deal and its critical stance on Israel align with progressive and left-leaning political agendas.

Their portrayal of Israel as an “apartheid state” and focus on climate justice and anticapitalist measures reflect a trend in modern student activism where global issues are interconnected with local campus actions.