DeSantis Targets ‘Squatters’

Ron DeSantis

( – Florida’s GOP leadership, spearheaded by Governor Ron DeSantis, has moved to make right a lingering leftist injustice by enacting a law to crack down on squatters’ “rights,” which have allowed illegal occupiers to take over other people’s homes.

On Wednesday, DeSantis signed legislation targeting individuals illegally occupying homes, the practice known as squatting.

This move comes after a Venezuelan TikToker residing in Ohio gained widespread attention for advising illegal immigrants on exploiting squatter’s rights to unlawfully possess homes belonging to Americans.

Additionally, there have been instances of squatting reported in other states, including New York, The Daily Caller reports.

During a press conference in Orlando concerning the bill, DeSantis outlined that the new law aims to expedite and streamline the eviction of squatters.

“We are putting an end to the squatters scam in Florida. While other states are siding with the squatters, we are protecting property owners and punishing criminals looking to game the system,” the governor declared.

Previously, the legal process to address squatting could be protracted. However, House Bill 621 (HB 621) modifies this, as DeSantis noted.

Starting July 1, as per the bill’s summary, property owners will have the capacity to request the assistance of a sheriff’s officer to eject squatters from their premises.

“If you are the victim of squatting you can simply fill out a form, give it to your local sheriff and the sheriff is instructed to go and remove the people who are inhabiting your dwelling illegally,” DeSantis said.

Moreover, the bill introduces three new offenses directly associated with the act of squatting.

In a separate but related development, Leonel Moreno, also known by his online alias Leitooficial, posted a video earlier in March advising undocumented migrants on how to utilize squatters’ rights to “invade” unoccupied residences in the United States.

“I have thought about invading a house in the United States. I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it,” Moreno explained.

Recently, law enforcement captured two fugitive squatters in Pennsylvania. They were sought in connection with the death of a woman, her body found in a duffel bag in a New York City apartment.

According to a report by the New York Post, it is believed by the New York City police that the duo assaulted and murdered a 52-year-old woman after she discovered them illegally occupying her deceased mother’s upscale apartment on March 15.

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