DOJ Refuses to Hand Over THESE Biden Tapes

( – Joe Biden clearly has much to hide from the American people – and the latest evidence to that end has become the refusal of the US Justice Department to surrender audio of the president’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur to House Republicans, who are performing an impeachment probe.

The Department of Justice is steadfastly declining to provide House Republicans with the audio recording of the interview from the classified documents investigation into Biden, National Review reports.

In a letter on Monday to Jim Jordan, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee from Ohio, and James Comer, the Chairman of the Oversight Committee from Kentucky, the DOJ detailed its rationale for not sharing the audio recordings.

“Indeed, by the Committees’ own measure, the Department has met your stated informational needs. The Department has produced the two classified documents you requested, the transcripts of the Special Counsel Office interviews of the President and of Mark Zwonitzer that you requested, and the correspondence regarding the Special Counsel’s report that you requested,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte.

“The Department is concerned that the Committees’ particular focus on continuing to demand information that is cumulative of information we already gave you—what the President and Mr. Hur’s team said in the interview—indicates that the Committees’ interests may not be in receiving information in service of legitimate oversight or investigatory functions, but to serve political purposes that should have no role in the treatment of law enforcement files,” Uriarte elaborates.

He emphasized that the audio recording was not essential for the committees’ purposes and expressed concern over the potential deterrent effect on future witnesses’ willingness to cooperate in similar inquiries if such materials were to be disclosed.

In response to the DOJ’s refusal to release the audio of the Biden interview, House Republicans issued a subpoena for the recording and warned Attorney General Merrick Garland of potential contempt of Congress proceedings.

The DOJ has agreed to provide the transcript of Hur’s interview with Mark Zwonitzer, a ghostwriter mentioned in Hur’s concluding report on Biden’s management of classified documents.

Jordan had previously subpoenaed Zwonitzer in March for his interviews with Joe Biden for the book “Promise Me, Dad,” which was published after Biden’s vice presidency.

Zwonitzer ultimately complied with Hur’s probe, surrendering pertinent documents after reportedly deleting audio files after Hur’s appointment as special counsel.

Hur’s inquiry unearthed evidence of Biden “willfully” retaining classified materials, though it stopped short of recommending criminal charges against the current president.

Hur’s observations regarding Biden’s age have reignited discussions about Biden, now 82, and his cognitive abilities.

Specifically, Hur highlighted Biden’s difficulty in recalling the tenure of his vice presidency and the year of his late son Beau Biden’s death.

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