Hillary Attacks Voters (Video)

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate and sore loser Hillary Clinton has decided to remind the nation of herself with a bizarre message – notably by attacking those American voters who happen to complain of having to choose a president between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

See the video of Clinton’s comments below!

Clinton, who in 2016 famously called then-future President Donald Trump’s supporters, a “basket of deplorables,” criticized US voters during her Monday night’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Overcome your biases,” was the pointed counsel from Hillary Clinton as she addressed the electorate’s grievances regarding the anticipated contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency in 2024.

“Get over yourselves, those are the two choices,” she said.

“And, you know, it’s one of, like, one is old & effective & compassionate, has a heart & really cares about people, & one is old & has been charged with 91 felonies. I don’t understand why this is a hard choice, really,” the former first lady added.

The news outlet points out that Clinton’s endorsement of Joe Biden for the upcoming 2024 presidential race is nothing new.

As she embarks on a new venture, producing her inaugural Broadway show, she collaborates with Lin-Manuel Miranda, celebrated for his role in “Hamilton,” to orchestrate a Broadway-themed fundraising event in support of Biden’s reelection effort, as disclosed by Breitbart News.

Scheduled for April 3 in New York, the fundraiser, revealed through an invitation reported by Deadline, sets ticket prices ranging from $500 to $5,000. The funds raised are designated for the Biden Victory Fund and the Women’s Leadership Forum.

The event will showcase a performance from Clinton’s Broadway production, “Suffs,” a musical that narrates the story of the suffragette movement, with a cast exclusively consisting of women and individuals identifying as gender “non-binary.”

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