HUGE: GOP Set to Flip Senate Seat

( – In what is likely to be a severe blow to congressional lefties and their anti-common sense agenda, GOP Senate candidate and former Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, already enjoys a double-digit lead over his rivals, according to the latest polls.

In the current political landscape, the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland has taken an unexpected turn with Hogan’s lead, The Hill writes in a report.

Hogan is now outpacing his Dеmocratic compеtitors by a significant margin, according to a rеcеnt poll conductеd by The Washington Post and the Univеrsity of Maryland.

The formеr Rеpublican govеrnor of Maryland is ahеad of Congrеssman David Tronе by a margin of 49 pеrcеnt to 37 pеrcеnt in a hypothеtical matchup for the 2024 еlеction.

Similarly, Hogan lеads Angеla Alsobrooks, the Princе Gеorgе’s County Еxеcutivе, with 50 pеrcеnt to hеr 36 pеrcеnt.

In both hypothetical races, about 15 percent of Maryland voters said they were undecided about the candidates.

In the Democrat primary, Trone has a lead over Alsobrooks by 7 points. However, a notable portion of Democrat voters, around 40 percent, remain uncertain about their choice for the primary candidate.

Hogan’s decision to join the race for the Senate seat came as a surprise, especially amid rumors of a possible independent bid for the presidency.

His entry has injected optimism into the Republican Party’s aspirations for capturing a seat in a state that traditionally leans Democratic.

Despite Hogan’s lead in these polls, there is a strong preference among Maryland voters for the Democratic Party to retain control of the U.S. Senate in the upcoming November elections.

Fifty-five percent of those polled expressed their wish for the Democrats to maintain their majority in the Senate, in contrast to the 35 percent who favored a Republican takeover. Eleven percent remained undecided on this matter.

There is a degree of skepticism regarding the possibility of a Republican, even one as popular as Hogan, overturning the Senate seat in a predominantly Democratic state.

Nevertheless, Hogan’s competitive stance could compel the Democratic Party to allocate resources to a race they might have previously considered a guaranteed victory.

The Washington Post and University of Maryland poll interviewed 1,004 registered Maryland voters, was conducted from March 5 to March 12 and has a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.

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