National Anthem Disrespect Explained? (Video)

( – In a brand-new show of blatant disrespect to the national anthem of the United States, Louisiana State University women’s basketball team disappeared when it was played during a recent game, with the team coach giving a bizarre explanation that hardly makes any sense.

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The noticeable absence of the LSU women’s basketball team during the national anthem at a pivotal Elite Eight game against the Iowa Hawkeyes left huge question marks about the team’s behavior, according to a report by The Daily Caller.

LSU Coach Kim Mulkey addressed the situation in a post-game press conference after her team’s defeat on Monday night by arguing that the absence was due to a technicality.

“Honestly I don’t even know when the anthem was played,” Mulkey told journalists.

“We kind of have a routine where we are on the floor and then they come off at the 12 minute mark. We just, I don’t know, we come in and we do our pregame stuff. I’m sorry — listen, that’s nothing intentionally done,” the coach claimed.

The incident drew attention, particularly because the Iowa players were observed on the court, united hand-in-hand, for the anthem, whereas the LSU team was conspicuously absent.

However, the narrative that the LSU team traditionally remains in the locker room during the anthem’s playing emerged quickly on social media platforms.

“LSU is never on the court for the National Anthem,” observed Chessa Bouche, a reporter for Baton Rouge News.

Other posts also indicated this was a standard practice for the LSU rather than an anomaly.

This incident mirrored a similar situation from the previous year when LSU faced Iowa in the 2023 National Championship.

At the time, it seemed to maintain the same pregame routine under Mulkey’s direction, which resulted in their absence during the anthem.

This consistency in behavior has not gone unnoticed, with public reaction following suit both times.

The report notes that while LSU celebrated a victory in the previous matchup with Iowa, securing a championship for star player Angel Reese and marking Mulkey’s fourth championship win, this year saw a reversal of fortunes.

LSU was defeated by Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes with a final score of 94-87 on Monday night, propelling Iowa into the Final Four to compete against another leading team, UConn.

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