OJ Simpson: A Dead Deadbeat

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The news of OJ Simpson’s passing has brought to the fore revelations exposing him as a deadbeat who still owes over $100 million to the family of one of the two murder victims whom the former NFL star allegedly killed alongside his former wife in 1994, a report reveals.

The once-celebrated football icon was still indebted to Ron Goldman’s family for an amount exceeding $100 million at the time of his passing on Wednesday.

Despite this substantial debt, the Goldman family remained steadfast in their pursuit of what they were owed, The New York Post informs in a report.

Even though Simpson was acquitted of the murder charges involving Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1995, a civil court found him liable in 1997, assigning him more than $33 million in damages for the murders.

Over the years, due to accumulated interest and additional penalties, this figure soared beyond $100 million, as David Cook, the Goldman family’s attorney, informed The Daily Mail.

Cook lamented the ongoing struggle to secure the full payment from Simpson, emphasizing the need to explore new avenues following Simpson’s death.

“We have to start over here. We’re going to work on that. There might be something out there. We’ve had this problem for a long, long time. It could be in a trust, it could be probate. It could be all gone,” the lawyer added.

The battle over the civil trial compensation has been a prolonged and bitter ordeal for the Goldman family, The Post points out.

They had to watch as Simpson’s sports memorabilia was auctioned, raising thousands of dollars towards the compensation owed to them.

Furthermore, a bankruptcy court decision in 2007 granted the Goldmans the rights to Simpson’s hypothetical account of the murders, which they later published under the revised title, “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.”

Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father, has openly criticized Simpson for only making “relatively small payments” towards the now astronomical debt, which was reported to have exceeded $96 million by June 2022, according to TMZ Sports.

Despite Simpson’s efforts, which amounted to a mere $133,000 since the 1997 trial according to legal filings from the family, the debt remained largely unsettled.

With the news of Simpson’s death from prostate cancer, Fred Goldman shared his sentiments with NBC News, suggesting that football legend’s represented “no great loss” to the world.

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