Scholars Attack Disney Movies For THIS?!

( – Stretching further the boundaries of basic common sense and sanity, two left-wing scholars have asserted that “Zombie” movies by Disney propagate “white supremacy.”

The two scholars who claim that “Zombies,” a musical and dance trilogy launched in 2018, promotes harmful racial stereotypes, including “whiteness,” are Linsay Cramer, associate professor of communication, media, and culture at Coastal Carolina University, and Gabriel Cruz, assistant professor of media studies at North Carolina Central University.

Cruz and Cramer’s argument that Disney’s “Zombies” “sustains white power and fluidity” is laid out in a paper called “Black Monstrosity and the Rhetoric of Whiteness in Disney’s Zombies Trilogy.”

It was published on August 12 in Critical Studies and Media Communication, an academic peer-reviewed journal, The College Fix reports.

“These films offer pedagogical narratives for children and adolescents about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) that on the surface appear well-intentioned, but actually sustain whiteness through harmful stereotypical racialized representations that foster fear and mistrust of Indigenous, [Asian-American Pacific Islanders], and Black people,” the scholars state.

The Fix points out that the first Zombies film shows the falling in love between Addison, a blonde cheerleader, and Zed, a charismatic zombie.

“As Seabrook [High School] students struggle to coexist with new students from Zombietown, an unlikely friendship between a cheerleader and a zombie could unite their community for good,” the movie’s description reads.

However, according to Cruz and Cramer, the film’s humans represent white people “because they are situated in brightly colored suburban homes, they play and stroll on clean beaches, and they socialize in quaint, safe, clean downtown streets and restaurants.”

“Furthermore, valuing conformity, they all wear preppy, pastel-colored clothes and have midwestern accents and language choices,” the media scholars allege.

“Zombies, who are visibly darkened with green hair and grayish skin color, have their own in-group speaking that is not understood by humans, like African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and dominant white society,” they elaborate.

“They are also a musical and rhythmic culture that likes hip-hop, and they live in an inner-city space rather than the suburbs like the humans. Zombietown is visually constructed to reinforce their impoverished and lower-class status, specifically through repurposed, damaged building materials or actual refuse,” the scholars write further.

When contacted with questions about the importance of their work, Cruz refused to comment, and Cramer didn’t respond.