Trump: Before Me, Pro-Lifers ‘Had Nothing’

( – Arguing that the pro-life movement in the United States of America “had nothing” and got nowhere because they had “zero status” until he became President, Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform yesterday to try and clarify his position on abortion rights and to align himself with President Ronald Reagan on the all-important issue in the hearts and minds of most patriots.

Trump’s post comes at the end of a week in which he has received pushback and considerable criticism from pro-lifers because he has refused to back a national ban on abortions should he retake the White House by winning next year’s presidential election.

Here is exactly what he posted without any edits by our staff.

“Pro lifers had absolutely zero status on the subject of abortion until I came along. For 52 years everyone “talked,” but got nothing. I GOT IT DONE! There would be no talk of a six week ban, or anything else, without me. Roe v. Wade allowed the killing of a baby at any time, including the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th month, and even after birth. They, therefore, are the RADICALS, not us, and now, because of our Supreme Court victory, the power has shifted and, for the first time, those fighting for the Pro Life movement have been given tremendous Power on this issue. Before our victory, they had nothing, and they will have nothing again if we don’t win ELECTIONS. Like Ronald Reagan, I believe in the three Exceptions for Rape, Incest, and the Life of the Mother. You have to follow your HEART, but without the Exceptions, it will be very hard to win Elections. The six week ban on abortion, among other things, like his fight against Social Security & MediCare, killed the DeSanctus Campaign!”

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