VIDEO: Bombshell Testimony Against Bidens

( – Clouds above the Bidens are getting darker and darker as now one of Hunter’s former business associates, Tony Bobulinski, has told Congress that the scandalous first son and his uncle, President Joe Biden’s brother James, have lied under oath about their business with Communist China.

See a video of Bobulinski’s testimony below!

Bobulinski’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday was part of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

His remarks revolved around the Biden family’s international business engagements, and he shared insights from a private session last month, in which he recounted a significant meeting with Hunter, Joe, and James Biden in May 2017.

This meeting aimed to discuss a potential collaboration with CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese state-owned energy conglomerate connected with the ruling regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

Bobulinski pinpointed three instances from Hunter Biden’s prior sworn testimony, accusing him of lies regarding the chronology of his dealings with CEFC, his father’s role with his business contacts, and a threatening message he sent to a Chinese businessman, pressing for payment while indicating he was beside his father.

“Hunter Biden gave his transcribed interview to the House Oversight Committee on February 28 and lied throughout his testimony,” Bobulinski asserted in his statement, cited by National Review.

Bobulinski challenged Hunter Biden’s claim that his association with CEFC started with a retainer in 2017. He suggested, based on his conversations with Hunter, that their business relationship dates back further, potentially to when Joe Biden was vice president.

Hunter Biden maintained that his father never mingled with his business associates and consistently denied any involvement of his father in these affairs. Nonetheless,

Hunter confirmed Joe Biden’s meeting with Bobulinski and various international business partners, including discussions with associates via speakerphone.

James Biden’s testimony contradicted Hunter’s, as he denied attending the May 2017 meeting.

“The sole reason Hunter wanted me to meet his father was because I was the CEO of Sinohawk, the Bidens’ partnership with CEFC. I was a business associate. In his transcript, Hunter confirms that meeting with Joe took place and incriminates his Uncle Jim for perjury by confirming it,” stated Bobulinski.

He also accused Hunter Biden of misleading details regarding a text sent to a Chinese business associate in July 2017, where the first son seemed to use his father’s influence to expedite payment from CEFC.

“He leveraged his father’s presence next to him in that infamous text to strongarm CEFC into paying Hunter immediately,” Bobulinski said.

Hunter Biden testified feeling embarrassed by the text, stating it was intended for another business partner not linked to CEFC.

In March 2017, a transaction from State Energy HK, associated with CEFC, resulted in a $3 million payment to Hunter Biden’s then-business partner Rob Walker.

This fund distribution followed meetings between Hunter Biden, his associates, and CEFC, and was shortly after Joe Biden concluded his vice presidency.

Bobulinski further accused James Biden of perjuring himself concerning his interactions with Bobulinski and CEFC.

Despite evidence, James Biden persisted in denying his presence at the meeting with Bobulinski and the Bidens in May 2017 and his involvement in a business agreement through Oneida Holdings for the CEFC proposal.

The endeavor with CEFC ultimately did not materialize, leading the Bidens to pursue another joint venture called Hudson West III for exploring energy deals in the US.

“There are many other examples of Hunter’s and Jim’s lies, which I am happy to discuss during my testimony here today, and I hope this Committee will hold them accountable for their perjury before you.”

Additionally, Jason Galanis, a former associate of Biden’s serving a prison sentence, testified virtually, echoing claims that Joe Biden facilitated his son’s negotiations with Chinese and Russian entities.

“The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden,” Galanis stated.

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