VIDEO: Sanctuary City Mayor Whines About Illegals

( – The Democrat mayor of a big leftist-run “sanctuary city” has once again taken to public complaints to lament the growing influx of illegal aliens, a problem his party and president have outrageously created by causing a migrant invasion of the United States.

You can watch him whine about the situation in the video at the end of this post.

The latest whining volley on an issue that is otherwise extremely serious for the entire nation has come from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who spoke at a press conference on Tuesday, as cited by The Daily Caller.

Not unlike numerous other Democrat big-city mayors, Adams has exhibited staggering levels of leftist hypocrisy on the migrant issue, making it clear he was perfectly fine with America being invaded by Third-World hordes as long as they didn’t settle in his city and didn’t inconvenience his administration.

“This is a national and state-wide issue that has been unjustly dropped into the lap of New York City residents,” Adams complained once again on Tuesday, singing a well-known duplicitous Democrat tune.

He then resorted to a bizarre “landmass” argument to justify his local-level frustration with the illegal immigrant influx he approves of in principle.

“We only make up 0.05 of the landmass in New York state, 0.05! That’s what we make up! Yet, we are housing over 99% of the migrants!” the NYC mayor declared.

The Daily Caller points out that when Adams was elected, he declared that New York City would keep its “sanctuary city” status, violating America’s immigration laws.

“We should protect our immigrants. Period,” the mayor wrote on social media at the time.

As it is one of the only US cities with a “right to shelter” law, New York City is required by its own legislation to provide accommodation to anyone needing it, a policy initially designed to help the homeless.

However, according to a Politico report from July, the policy is now used to house over 55,000 illegal immigrants in NYC, more than half of the city’s overall shelter population.

Last month, Adams introduced “No Vacancy” fliers telling illegal aliens to “please consider another city as you decide where to settle in the US.”

“We have no more room,” the hypocritical liberal mayor declared.

Here is the video: