A Baseball Star Has Died

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a heartbreaking turn of events for Major League Baseball, former MLB player U.L. Washington passed away after a rough battle fighting cancer.

The 70-year-old former MLB shortstop was known for his trademark toothpick in his mouth while he played for 11 years straight.

Canadian Baseball Network was the first to report Washington’s death which led to former teammates to express their condolences on social media. One of them was George Brett.

Brett expressed his sorrow on X and stated, “So sorry to hear my friend my team mate UL Washington has died of cancer he was a great player I will always be thankful of our time together with the Royals.”

In addition, Washington played for the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Montreal Expos from 1977 to 1987 where he accumulated 907 games in his career. His impressive stats included 27 home runs, 255 RBIs, and a .251 batting average.

Remarkably, in 1980, the late MLB player had a crucial role in leading the Kansas City Royals to the American League pennant.

However, the Royals faced a setback in the subsequent World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. Ultimately the Royals lost in six games.

Throughout the series against the New York Yankees, Washington maintained a stellar .364 batting average which contributed to an RBI and a double.

While Washington was in the field, a huge number of fans expressed their love for him, especially because of his toothpick.

In an interview with The Kansas City Star he revealed that the toothpick was his response to the discomfort caused because of tobacco caused a burning sensation.

In 1980, the MLB initiated a heated debate to possibly remove Washington’s toothpick. Fortunately the ban never materialized and allowed Washington to perpetuate his distinctive style.

U.L. Washington’s legacy will remain, a testament to his impactful contributions to the game of baseball.

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