Advancing American Freedom (AAF) Announces Plan

( – Mike Pence’s group, Advancing American Freedom, is putting $20 million into promoting conservative values.

This organization known for supporting traditional conservative ideas plans to expand its team and involve well-known conservative figures.

Pence emphasized the importance of sticking to the founding principles of the nation. “Our nation was founded on conservative principles that have stood the test of time” he stated. “The Constitution and this great American experiment must not be swayed by movements or personalities but must hold fast to the time-honored principles that have made America strong and prosperous and free.”

Pence critiqued some conservatives for drifting towards populism, which he believes diverts from core conservative values. “Many in the conservative movement have walked away from these principles, chasing the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles.” His aim is to focus on the core ideals that have built America’s strength and prosperity.

Having stepped back from the GOP presidential race Pence has previously voiced concerns about the party’s direction under the influence of populism contrasting it with his vision for conservatism. “Should the new populism of the right seize and guide our party, the Republican Party we’ve long known will cease to exist and the fate of American freedom would be in doubt,” he remarked last September.

Pence calls for the Republican Party to prioritize limited government, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility and traditional values to overcome Joe Biden and change America’s direction. He warns against the rise of populism likening it to progressivism on the left viewing both as detrimental to American freedom.