Biden Slammed for Disgusting Remarks

( – Joe Biden sparked social media outrage with inappropriate jokes and gaffes during his visit to Maui, the Hawaiian island recently devastated by apocalyptic wildfires that claimed an estimated 1,000 lives.

On Monday, Biden visited the obliterated resort town of Lahaina on Maui to inspect the relief efforts but quickly raised eyebrows with his bizarre quips and attempts at humor.

Before delivering remarks in Lahaina, he joked about the boots of a cadaver dog.

“You guys catch the boots out here? That’s some hot ground, man,” the grinning president asked reporters after petting the canine.

His joke enraged conservative users on X, formerly Twitter, who said his comments were highly inappropriate in the wake of the Maui tragedy.

“Imagine your loved one burned to death less than a month ago, and when Biden finally visits after his TWO vacations, he jokes about how hot the ground is. Sick,” tweeted conservative commentator Robby Starbuck.

“Nothing says leadership like yukking it up with the human-remains-sniffing dog,” said Micheal Dearing, founder of Harrison Metal. “Read the room, my guy,” wrote another conservative pundit, Steve Guest.

However, the president sparked even more significant backlash with his speech in Lahaina by comparing the destructive wildfires to a small kitchen fire he had in his Wilmington, Delaware, home in August 2004.

In his account of the incident, he said he was in the nation’s capital at the time, but a few sentences later, he alleged to have witnessed how the firefighters were rescuing his wife Jill, and thick smoke was rising out of their kitchen window.

“I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat,” Biden joked again, even as he was already embellishing the kitchen fire story.

The social media outrage over his jokes in Lahaina was met by the White House with a bizarre reaction, describing his criticism as “classless and stupid,” as cited by The Washington Times.

“He’s petting one of the dogs that are working hard searching for remains so survivors who’ve lost loved ones can have closure,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates tweeted in response to critical user comments.

The Maui wildfires’ confirmed death toll is 115, but over 800 people remain unaccounted for.