Cruz Ties 9/11 to Southern Border (audio)

( – The “next 9/11” terrorist attack that will hit the United States will result from the massive illegal alien invasion through the Southern Border, Republican US Senator Ted Cruz predicted.

You can hear what Cruz had to say in the video/audio further down this post.

Cruz (R-TX) made his prediction Monday on the “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast, which he co-hosts with Ben Ferguson, as they discussed the 22nd anniversary since the 9/11 suicide bombings in New York City and Washington, DC.

The Texas Republican said the mastermind of the next September 11th attack will infiltrate the United States via Mexico as the “idiots” in President Joe Biden’s administration were keeping the Southern Border open and “will fly you to wherever you want to go.”

“We have a vulnerability on our southern border, every month people are coming across who are on the terror watchlist. The numbers dwarf the number of known terrorists who would come in prior to Joe Biden,” Cruz said, as cited by Newsmax.

He described Biden’s open border as a blessing for the Mexican drug cartels and as “an invitation to terrorists.”

“If you’re the next planner of 9/11, it’s obvious where you go. You go to Mexico, and you come right across, and Joe Biden and the idiots in his administration will fly you to wherever you want to go in this country, and you can carry out your terror attack,” Cruz said.

The Republican senator dwelled on how the Biden administration seemed to have forgotten any security lessons learned due to the NYC and DC suicide bombings by Islamist network al-Qaeda from 22 years ago.

“Sadly, every day that we have an open border under Joe Biden, the Democrats, the odds of another major attack in this country, major terror attack, go up systematically,” Cruz added.

“They are exposing us. They are exposing vulnerabilities, whether it is someone trying to hijack an airplane or whether it is a suicide bomber in a mall or an amusement park or a concert or what have you,” he elaborated.

“We are vulnerable to global terrorism because this administration has thrown open the border and will not protect us,” the Texas Republican concluded.

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