Dead Woman Wakes Up?!

Red light

( – In a truly extraordinary incident, a 52-year-old woman defied all odds by regaining consciousness just moments before she was due to be cremated.

The incident took place after Bujji Aamma, residing in Berhampur, India, suffered severe burns covering half of her body during a fire on February 1. She was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment and later discharged, but her condition remained critical upon returning home.

As days went by Bujji Aamma’s health deteriorated further eventually rendering her unconscious. Due to financial constraints her family was unable to seek additional medical assistance, firmly believing that she had passed away.

Bujji Aamma’s husband Sibaram Palo began the customary preparations for her last rites assuming she was already dead. He informed their neighbors who were ready to assist in the transportation of the body to the cremation site but were left speechless as the “miracle” happened live in front of them.

An eyewitness named K Chiranjibi present at the scene noticed Bujji Aamma showing signs of regaining consciousness. This unexpected turn of events left witnesses with their mouths open as they couldn’t give credit to their eyes, someone who they thought dead seemed to be alive.

Acting swiftly the hearse driver who was about to transport her to the crematorium promptly decided to return her home. Bujji Aamma against all expectations was very much alive.

While this extraordinary event is indeed cause for celebration it also raises concerns about the availability of healthcare particularly for those facing financial hardships.