He’s Begging Taylor Swift for THIS?

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a laughable new sign that lefties are getting desperate over Joe Biden’s rapidly collapsing reelection prospects, actor and filmmaker Ron Reiner has literally begged pop star Taylor Swift to endorse the president against Donald Trump, claiming she would thus “save American democracy.”

Reiner, who is best known for the role of Michael “Meathead” Stivic from the 1970s CBS sitcom “All in the Family,” is ardently appealing to Taylor Swift to publicly back President Joe Biden for re-election.

He has even declared his willingness to “give anything” for her to declare her support.

Swift, who endorsed Biden in the previous election, has notably not voiced her opinion on the 2024 presidential race.

This silence comes at a crucial juncture where Biden, at 81, is experiencing a significant dip in popularity, particularly among young Democrats, Breitbart News reports.

Many from this demographic have become disenchanted with his presidency, posing a potential risk to Swift’s personal brand should she choose to endorse him again, the report observers.

“I’d give anything for her to endorse Joe Biden,” Reiner expressed with urgency.

“She would virtually single-handedly save American Democracy,” he added in a social media post.

Reiner, a steadfast Biden advocate in Hollywood, has contributed significantly to Biden’s political endeavors through donations and has hosted numerous high-profile fundraising events.

He has echoed the Biden campaign’s narrative that positions Biden as synonymous with democracy itself, suggesting that any opposition to him could be viewed as a threat to democratic values.

However, this strategic portrayal seems to be failing to resonate with the broader American public.

Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted, reaching a mere 38 percent last month, as per a Gallup poll, nearing his lowest recorded levels.

Furthermore, a Quinnipiac poll revealed that an overwhelming 67 percent of voters consider Biden too advanced in age for a second term in office.

This sentiment is echoed in a poll by the New York Times, where 73 percent of registered voters questioned Biden’s capability to effectively serve as president due to his age.

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