Joy Behar Attacks RFK Jr (Video)

( – Ultra-liberal Joy Behar, a co-host of the leftist mainstream media program The View, has blasted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for daring to run for US president as an Independent after giving up on the Democratic Party because his run could hurt President Biden and hand the 2024 election to Donald Trump.

See the video of Behar’s comments on RFK below!

On Thursday’s edition of “The View,” Behar voiced her concerns about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s third-party candidacy for the White House as it would presumably divert left-wing votes from Biden.

Behar questioned Kennedy’s motives, suggesting that his actions could detrimentally impact the election.

“Someone has to ask him why are you doing this? Why do you want to destroy the election and hand it to Trump if possible?” Behar criticized.

She further commented on Kennedy’s prestigious family background, implying that his decision to run might be dishonoring his family’s legacy.

“He’s a Kennedy. His forefathers are rolling over in their graves. His own family is telling him — we already have one clown in the race. Do we need two of them?” Behar added.

Behar’s critique aligns with the fears of Democrat strategists and several members of the Kennedy family themselves, who have expressed concerns that Kennedy’s candidacy could jeopardize Biden’s chances for reelection.

Sara Haines, another host on the show, offered a counterperspective.

She argued that Kennedy might not be intending to “ruin the election” but rather seeks to represent voters who favor the introduction of a third-party option in future elections.

Haines acknowledged, however, that the timing of Kennedy’s run might not be ideal.

Behar remained firm in her stance, positing that Kennedy’s campaign could have dire consequences for the country, especially if it aids in Trump’s reelection.

“Well, I think many times delusion has destroyed a country and that’s what we’re dealing with here with this. The polls are too close,” she stated with concern.

“People are starting to focus and realize the danger that Trump poses. I believe that,” the leftist co-host alleged.

The dialogue on “The View” mirrors broader discussions within the Democratic Party regarding the potential impact of third-party candidates on the outcome of tightly contested elections, DNyuz observes in a report.

“Third parties elected Donald Trump in 2016, about six to seven percent of Americans voted third-party. That third-party vote dropped to less than two, which is how Biden won. So, anything over two, Democrats are in trouble. Kennedy alone is getting 15 in some of these places. So yeah, my view is third parties, they’re like cockroaches in the kitchen, OK?” Paul Begala, a strategist with ties to former President Bill Clinton, told CNN.

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