Kamala Harris Missing

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a sign that the Democrats may have finally realized Kamala Harris is so unpopular with the American electorate that she needs to stay away from the campaign trail, she has virtually vanished from public sight and has been missing on the campaign trail.

Specifically, according to a Daily Caller study, Kamala has had 27 work days without public engagements since the initiation of the Biden-Harris reelection bid.

On the days when Kamala did have events on her public agenda, it was common for her to have just one event for the entire day. Activities she participated in included dining with Joe Biden, attending briefings with him, and meals with international dignitaries, as sourced from Politico Playbook records detailing Harris’ engagements.

The reelection campaign of Biden and Harris was unveiled on April 25. Kamala had a significant presence in the campaign’s promotional content, with a prominent spot on both the official website and the campaign’s introductory video.

Subsequent to this, she has joined Biden during discussions about the debt ceiling and for various formal events. When acting independently, Harris has embarked on nationwide trips to address topics like maternal health, environmental changes, and the Inflation Reduction Act.

  • In May, Harris had no public commitments for five working days. For nine days of that month, her schedule had a single item, such as morning briefings with the president, welcoming the women’s LSU basketball team, or hosting brunch for the president of the Philippines. Her most packed days included hosting discussions with entrepreneurs of color, engaging with congressional representatives, and speaking at the We Are EMILY Gala. On another occasion, she was briefed by the president, engaged in talks with business leaders about AI, and subsequently journeyed to Richmond, Virginia, to comment on National Small Business Week.
  • June saw Kamala with no public obligations on seven work days. Activities she participated in during the month included a lunch with the president, attending a Juneteenth musical event, a briefing with Biden, and a meeting followed by lunch with the Indian prime minister.
  • For July, Harris’ calendar was empty for five weekdays. On five days of the month, she had one engagement, which included instances such as speaking after the president’s proclamation signing, televised interviews, and interactions with state attorney generals about the fentanyl issue.
  • In August, Harris had nine weekdays without any public duties. She spent certain days of the month making statements on the campaign trail and talking about infrastructure and environmental matters. Additionally, she appeared to take a vacation from August 16 to August 24.

Neither Harris’ office nor the Biden-Harris campaign team provided comments about her lack of public commitments.