PROOF: Biden’s Illegal Alien Invasion Growing

( – Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion is worsening as some 83,000 border jumpers entered the nation in the first 15 days of August.

The five US Border Patrol sectors in Texas – the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Del Rio, Big Bend, and El Paso – alone saw almost 50,000 border jumpers between August 1 and August 15, Breitbart News reports.

About 7 million illegal migrants have crossed the US-Mexican border since Joe Biden took over the White House in January 2021, including an estimated 2 million gotaways who were never apprehended, according to federal government estimates.

In 2022 and early 2023, the monthly number of migrant apprehensions at the border averaged well above 200,000.

It dropped significantly in June after the Biden administration launched a smartphone app so that illegal immigrants could “legally” apply for US asylum without getting arrested after crossing the border.

However, in July, the number of detained migrants reached 130,000, and the August projections once again predict nearly 200,000 border jumpers.

The latest unofficial Border Patrol estimates indicate an acceleration of the migrant influx “despite the blistering temperatures endangering the lives of migrants attempting to enter the United States between ports of entry illegally,” the Breitbart reports notes.

In the first 15 days of August, the Rio Grande Valley sector saw the highest number of illegal border crossers, at almost 23,700.

The Tucson Sector, which covers most of Arizona’s US-Mexican border stretch, came in second with the arrests of almost 22,250 illegal immigrants.

The four other Texas BP sectors registered a combined total of almost 27,000 migrant apprehensions: more than 13,000 in Del Rio, nearly 12,000 in the El Paso sector, approximately 1,400 in Laredo, and 280 in Big Bend.

“Unofficial numbers indicate a major spike following the sharp drop in June apprehensions,” the report points out.

Earlier in August, Breitbart Texas warned that there would probably be at least 180,000 illegal immigrant detentions this month, bringing the monthly number back to the previous average despite the availability of the Biden administration’s “legal” immigration smartphone app.