Trump Called ‘Unifying Factor’ By THIS Man

( – Rep. Tim Burchett, who was among the eight Republicans who recently voted to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the House speaker position, discussed the party’s future leadership and called President Trump a “unifying factor” on Newsmax’s “Newsline.”

Speaking of Trump, he stated, “He’s the front-runner and he will remain that, I assume, but I think what he’ll do is come in there and unify us and tell us we need to get behind somebody else.”

This was in reference to Trump potentially playing a pivotal role in uniting the conference over the next House speaker selection.

In a recent statement on Truth Social, Trump expressed his willingness to offer “short-term” assistance to “do whatever is necessary to help with the Speaker of the House selection process.”

This comment came after he chose not to dismiss the idea of taking on the role himself.

Rep. Burchett anticipates that Trump will advise House Republicans to internally determine who should succeed McCarthy.

Although Burchett has spoken with Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Steve Scalise (R-La.), the primary contenders in the race for speaker, he remains undecided.

“I’m just going to listen to what they have to say,” Burchett said, expressing optimism about party unity, “I believe we’re going to be united, though, and whoever we pick, it’s going to be one vote on the floor.”