Trump to Biden: Apologize!

( – Donald Trump has hit Joe Biden where it hurts, insisting that Biden apologize to him after the Biden administration announced it would reverse course and restart the building of the Southern Border wall.

The Trump administration launched the construction of the anti-illegal immigration wall on the US-Mexican Border.

However, Biden terminated it on his first day in the White House in January 2021.

Since then, more than 7 million illegal migrants have invaded the United States, including an estimated 2 million gotaways.

On Wednesday, amid a new surge in illegal immigrant numbers, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced sections of the wall would be built in Southern Texas, with 26 federal laws getting waived for that purpose.

The building activity will resume in Starr County, in the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector, with almost 250,000 illegal immigrant entries during the just-completed 2023 fiscal year.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump reacted to the Biden open-border policy reversal in Truth Social posts.

“So interesting to watch Crooked Joe Biden break every environmental law in the book to prove that I was right when I built 560 miles (they incorrectly state 450 in story!) of brand new, beautiful border wall,” Trump declared.

He blasted the incumbent president for “taking so long to get moving” on the border wall and wondered if he would get an apology as Biden has criticized the vast project for years.

“As I have stated often, over thousands of years, there are only two things that have consistently worked, wheels, and walls!” the former president wrote, as cited by Newsmax.

“Will Joe Biden apologize to me and America for taking so long to get moving, and allowing our country to be flooded with 15 million illegal immigrants, from places unknown. I will await his apology!” he added.

In January 2021, when he ended the border wall construction, President Joe Biden contended that “building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution.”

The report notes the president has now restarted the wall construction using executive action – the same way he previously ended it more than 2.5 years ago.