VIDEO: Biden Said WHAT About the Border?

Joe Biden

( – In an unexplained admission of his plans to leave illegal aliens’ issues unsolved, Joe Biden recently expressed his desire for executive action on the border to happen by itself.

Biden made this comment while talking with reporters in New Hampshire. This comes amidst prior reports that suggested Biden contemplated using executive measures to fix the border situation he created.

Watch the video below!!!

This situation curled shortly after he entered the office and was marked by a series of executive orders that reversed Trump administration policies.

A reporter asked, “Mr. President, when is a border executive action coming?” To which Biden replied, “I’m counting on the border action happening by itself — the passing it.”

Furthermore, Biden was criticized over the weekend after he apologized for correctly referring to the illegal alien who is suspected of murdering a young woman in Georgia as “an illegal” because he did not want to “disrespect” illegal immigrants.

The 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was brutally murdered allegedly by a Venezuelan alien Jose Ibarra, who is an active gang member.

During an MSNBC interview, Biden interjected to correct himself, “And I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal,’ it’s undocumented,” Biden claimed, even though the correct legal terminology is, in fact, “illegal alien.”

“What I’m not going to do, what I won’t do, I’m not gonna treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect. Look, they built the country. The reason our economy is growing. We have to control the border and more orderly flow, but I don’t share his view at all,” Biden later added.

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