Confused-Looking Biden Caught on Video

( – There is apparently no end in sight to President Joe Biden’s “senior moment” embarrassments as he has once again been caught on video seemingly confused about what was happening around him, and mumbling that he would “get in trouble,” were he to start answering reporters’ questions.

See the video showing Biden’s confusions below!

In a press briefing that left many puzzled, Biden openly acknowledged that he might face repercussions for engaging with questions from the media, The New York Post reports.

This admission came shortly after his press secretary vehemently defended his cognitive sharpness.

The 81-year-old President exhibited this familiar yet perplexing behavior right at the beginning of a press event, which was organized to introduce a new task force focused on reducing expenses for American households.

Before even beginning to speak, Biden expressed his hesitance to field questions.

“I have a lot of questions. I better not start the questions. I’ll get in trouble,” he said, which elicited a few chuckles from those present.

After sighing heavily into the microphone and placing it down, he looked forward aimlessly, mouth slightly open, disregarding the reporters’ final efforts to ask questions as the event came to a close.

This episode of confusion prompted Peter Daou, a former adviser to the Democratic Party, to express concern on social media.

“Oh my Lord. This man is not well,” Daou wrote on X.

This incident followed a defense of Biden by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre earlier that day.

She criticized a journalist’s inquiry about the President’s frequent use of note cards during speeches, sidestepping the implication that it could signify a decline in mental acuity.

“You’re upset because the president has note cards? You’re asking me a question about the president having note cards? The president who has had probably one of the most successful first three years of an administration than any modern-day president? He’s done more in the first three years than most presidents who had the two terms,” Jean-Pierre countered.

This was not the first instance of Biden indicating he had been advised to limit his interactions with the press to avoid potential issues, a stance he first revealed in 2021 shortly after former press secretary Jen Psaki expressed her preference for minimizing the President’s direct engagement with the media.

“You guys are bad. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions,” the president said at the time.

He echoed this sentiment a month later, admitting to a journalist that not following staff instructions could lead to repercussions.

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