Denver Overrun; Taking Action

( – In a further embarrassment for the left, yet another Democrat-run city is now crying bloody murder over the Biden administration’s illegal immigrant invasion – as Denver, the city with the nation’s highest intake of migrants per capita – is starting to kick them out of shelters.

Starting February 5, the City of Denver will implement a policy requiring foreign national migrants in its shelter system to vacate after a specified duration, The Daily Caller reports.

Denver, the biggest destination per capita for foreign migrants invading through the US-Mexican border, has received over 40,000 illegal aliens, as per an NBC News report.

Most have been bused there by the GOP-led state of Texas.

Because its shelters are now overcrowded, the Democrat-run city will start evicting individuals who have resided in the system for 42 days, as reported by Denverite, a local news source.

“Just yesterday [my children] started throwing away the toys, the bicycles in the common area. We don’t know where we will go next,” Eddi Mujica, a Venezuelan mother living in Denver’s shelter system, told NBC.

Denver, the state capital of Colorado with an estimated population of 713,000, is currently providing shelter for over 4,400 foreign migrants via hotel contracts.

By September 2023, the city had paid nearly $25 million on migrant housing.

The city’s Democratic Mayor, Mike Johnston, has projected that the expenses for housing, education, healthcare, and other services for foreign migrants will surpass $100 million in 2024.

The city’s hospital system has already incurred $10 million in unreimbursed medical services for migrants.

Many migrants have resorted to manual labor to accumulate funds to leave the shelter system.

The trend of migrants cleaning car windows at intersections has risen, as highlighted in a CBS News Colorado report, particularly since numerous migrants have not yet obtained employment authorization documents (EADs) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“[W]e want to see expanded work authorization and we want the ability for these people to be able to find jobs and get paid regularly. We want to give them the fighting chance to do that, but we’re limited with what we can do,” Jon Ewing, an official with Denver Human Services, stated to CBS.

If evicted from city shelters, many illegal immigrants might end up living on the street.

“We don’t have a way to get an apartment. What do we do?” a migrant is quoted as saying.