Fight Erupts Among 400 Illegals; Police Hurt

( – In a nasty scene boding bad for a nation that has taken in millions of illegal immigrants to serve the leftist agenda, a mass fight has broken out among a group of over 400 migrants waiting in line at a homeless shelter in New York City, according to reports.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning, as illegal immigrants were seeking accommodation ahead of a snowstorm, The New York Post reports, as cited by Breitbart News.

Two police officers were injured, and two men were arrested as a result of the melee.

Witnesses and city officials indicated that the conflict began when a man holding a coffee cup tried to cut in line, inadvertently spilling coffee on others.

The incident rapidly escalated into a violent clash. It was reported that one individual struck the person who attempted to cut in line, sparking a larger brawl.

“People were punching each other and fighting — a lot of people,” observed Samantha Hernandez, a 27-year-old migrant from Mexico.

“I think they were desperate about the situation — it’s very bad. There’s too many people, and there’s not a lot of opportunities for us here. And [the city] treats us like animals,” she commented further, as cited by The Post.

Police officers arrived at the scene to manage the turmoil, attempting to disperse the crowd and physically moving some migrants to restore order.

The officers sustained minor injuries to their knees and faces during the altercation and received medical treatment at a local hospital.

There were no immediate reports of injuries among the migrants involved in the fight.

The migrants had gathered at the center, hoping to gain entry to reapply for temporary housing.

This was in response to Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ policy limiting shelter stays to 30 days. The center, situated at the former St. Brigid School, is the sole facility for migrants to reapply for housing, resulting in long lines and increasing frustration.

The New York Police Department confirmed that the individuals involved in the altercation were detained, though no charges had been filed at the time of the report.

The news outlet observes that the incident highlights the continued difficulties faced by the city in accommodating and providing necessary resources to the growing number of asylum seekers.