GOP Attorneys General Join Fight

( – The state of Texas, which has been protecting the Southern Border from the giant illegal immigrant influx despite the Biden administration’s attacks, has received a strong boost as 26 Republican state attorneys general have supported its constitutional right to “defend against invasion.

The conflict between Texas and the Biden administration over the Lone State State’s defense of the national border escalated recently when the Supreme Court issued a temporary ruling allowing Border Patrol agents to remove the barbed wire barriers Texas had placed to prevent illegal immigration.

Despite the ongoing federal lawsuit against Texas, Governor Greg Abbott declared an “invasion” under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

This article empowers states to defend themselves in cases of actual invasion or imminent danger.

In a letter dated January 29, a total of 28 GOP officials – 26 state AGs and two Arizona lawmakers – addressed President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

They emphasized that all states have a duty to defend against invasion if the federal government fails to enforce immigration laws.

The letter, initiated by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, clarifies that Texas’s actions regarding the barbed wire and its additional installation of razor wire are not in violation of the Supreme Court’s temporary order.

“As lawyers yourselves, you must know that reports that Texas is ignoring or ‘defying’ the Supreme Court are wrong, either misunderstanding or deliberately misstating the law,” the letter states.

“The Supreme Court’s order did not tell Texas that it could or could not do anything. Texas should be applauded for continuing to try to protect the border despite the federal government now, again, being able to try to destroy the barriers Texas builds,” it adds.

In recent developments, Texas officials have reinforced their border security measures by adding new barbed wire and anti-climb fences in Shelby Park.

The Texas Military Department took over Shelby Park, owned by the city of Eagle Pass, to prevent illegal immigrants and Border Patrol from accessing the area.

The letter references a dissenting opinion by the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in the 2012 case of Arizona v. United States, arguing states have a sovereign interest in protecting their borders despite the federal government’s authority over immigration laws.

“If you cannot bring yourselves to enforce the law, get out of the way so Texas can,” the Republican AGs declared.