Kamala ‘Hate-Watches’ What?!

Kamala Harris

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – An intriguing revelation about Kamala Harris has disclosed that – aside from watching extremist leftist propaganda on MSNBC – she likes to “hate-watch” a Fox News program even though it frequently features negative coverage of her.

Harris has the bizarre habit of watching Fox News program “The Five,” despite its often critical stance towards her, according to a report by pro-left news site Axios, quoting unnamed sources within her team.

Harris, along with her spouse, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, are known to regularly view MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” a preference they share with President Joe Biden.

At the same time, Harris’s inclination to engage with “The Five” has reportedly caused some concern among her aides, who worry about the impact of the negative attention on her.

“It got in her head and caused high anxiety because they were constantly hammering her,” disclosed a former aide of Harris to Axios.

Jesse Watters, one of the hosts of “The Five,” has not hesitated to criticize the vice president, notably attacking Harris in 2022 for her stance on amnesty and questioning her effectiveness as the border czar.

Similarly, co-host Greg Gutfeld has made direct appeals to President Biden, humorously urging him to swiftly recover from COVID-19 to prevent Harris from stepping into his role, derogatorily referring to her as a “crazy cackler.”

The report also suggests that Biden actively engages with “Morning Joe,” treating the show as a significant influence on his administration.

According to Axios, Biden not only watches the show but also consults with some of its regular guests, influencing some aides to follow suit in anticipation of the president referencing the program’s content.

A White House aide shared with Axios that several of Biden’s senior officials view “Morning Joe” as offering a more nuanced perspective compared to other media outlets.

The aide thus suggested it provides the president with a more comprehensive analysis of current events.

While President Biden’s approval ratings are deteriorating ahead of the 2024 election, his veep seems to be doing even slightly worse than him with voters nationwide.