Love Triangle Could Derail Trump Case

Donald Trump

( – In what would be a hilarious as well as perfectly justified and highly welcome development, the Georgia 2020 election fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump could collapse because of the Democrat DA’s newly exposed love triangle lavishly paid for with taxpayer money.

The racketeering case against Trump and over a dozen other defendants led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing potential collapse amid a series of allegations, The New York Post informs in a report.

The central issue involves a complicated personal relationship between Willis, the prosecutor she appointed for this high-profile case, and the latter’s estranged wife.

This relationship raises severe questions about Willis’ judgment and the integrity of the case.

Fani Willis, overseeing the 2020 election fraud case, made a controversial choice by appointing her alleged boyfriend, a personal injury lawyer with no significant experience in high-profile felony trials, as the special prosecutor.

This decision has baffled observers from all political backgrounds, given the magnitude of the case, The Post observes.

Adding to the controversy, Willis is accused of mixing her personal and professional lives.

She reportedly took expensive trips, including a $2,600 cruise and a visit to Napa Valley with the prosecutor, Nathan Wade, who was still legally married at the time.

These actions have cast doubt on her professional conduct and have led to an investigation into the possible misuse of taxpayer funds.

Bank records, revealed in a legal filing by Wade’s estranged wife, have provided the first evidence of a relationship between Wade and Willis.

These records show purchases of plane tickets to San Francisco and Miami, coinciding with the period after Wade’s appointment as special prosecutor.

The implications of Willis’ decisions are severe, the conservative news outlet points out.

Her actions, which include allegedly overpaying Wade with taxpayer money for their personal trips, have not only put her career at risk but also jeopardized the case against Trump.

The pair’s relationship has become a public topic, with sightings of them together at upscale venues like the Chops Steakhouse in Atlanta.

Despite these challenges, Willis remains defiant. In a recent speech at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta, she framed the allegations as a racially motivated attack and is attempting to avoid court deposition on the matter.

Neither Willis nor Wade has denied their romantic involvement.

“If the romantic relationship is true, all I can say is that love can make you do strange things,” commented Dwight Thomas, a prominent Atlanta defense lawyer.

The case has also drawn attention to Wade’s ongoing divorce. His estranged wife, Joycelyn, claims financial distress while Wade resides in their luxurious home. Media outlets are seeking access to the divorce filings as the scandal escalates.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has scheduled a hearing to address these issues, setting deadlines for Willis to respond to the allegations.

Willis’ legal team is also trying to avoid her deposition in the Wade divorce case, claiming Joycelyn’s actions are intended to harm Willis’ professional reputation.