NOW: Russia Threatens to Nuke DC

( – In new evidence that Russia, alongside Communist China, is among America’s biggest and most dangerous enemies, a top-level ally of Russian leader Vladimir Putin has threatened that Moscow would obliterate Washington, DC, in a nuclear Armageddon attack.

The latest Russian nuclear threat against the United States has come from Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council and a former Russian president and prime minister.

On Sunday, Medvedev said Russia would resort to a catastrophic nuclear assault on cities, such as Washington and the UK capital London, if it finds itself forced to give up territories it has seized in Ukraine, which Moscow invaded in 2014 and 2022.

“Attempts to restore Russia’s 1991 borders will lead only to one thing — a global war with Western countries with the use of our entire strategic (nuclear) arsenal against Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington. And against all other beautiful historic places that have long been included in the flight targets of our nuclear triad,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram, as cited by The New York Post.

This threat is not new from the Putin ally, yet some analysts argue that such declarations are strategic bluffs intended to extract concessions from the West regarding the war in Ukraine.

Following their incursion, Russian forces have taken control of several Ukrainian areas, which Putin claims to be historically Russian.

Medvedev has argued that returning these regions would lead to Russia’s “disintegration.”

Earlier in the month, Medvedev criticized NATO allies on X for their speculative discussions on a potential broader conflict with Russia.

“The response will be asymmetrical. To defend our country’s territorial integrity, ballistic and cruise missiles carrying special warheads will be put to use. It is based on our military doctrine documents and is well known to all. And this is exactly that very Apocalypse. The end to everything,” the hawkish Russian operative wrote.

His recent remarks coincide with setbacks experienced by Ukraine in its conflict against Moscow, which launched a full-fledged invasion of the US ally on February 24, 2022.

Over the recent weekend, Ukrainian forces had to retreat from Avdiivka in the eastern part of the country after enduring a yearlong battle due to a lack of artillery shells and other resources.

On Sunday, US Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii highlighted the dire situation of Ukrainian soldiers who are forced to ration ammunition as some US politicians resist the approval of new US military aid.